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The Incorrect and Futile Tawassul and its Types.


Having known the Correct Tawassul and its Types, then it is inevitable for us to know the Incorrect Tawassul and its Types.


The incorrect and futile Tawassul is to use an unprescribed way, something which is not affirmed as a legal way by Sharee’ah, as a means of nearness to Allaah, The Most High. Since Tawassul in this manner is from nonsense and falsehood that contradicts the intellectual and textual proofs.And from this is that a person uses the supplication of a deceased man as Tawassul to Allaah ( ). He asks this deceased person to supplicate to Allaah for him. Then this is not a correct and prescribed means. Rather it is foolishness on the part of the one who asks this deceased man to supplicate to Allaah for him. Since once he dies, the actions of the deceased cease to exist, and it is impossible for him to supplicate to Allaah for anyone. Even the Prophet (), it is not possible that he supplicates to Allaah for anyone after his () death. For this reason, the companions () did not use as Tawassul to Allaah by asking the Prophet () to invoke Allaah for them after his death. In fact, when the people suffered a drought at the time of ‘Umar Ibn al-Khattaab (), he said: “O Allaah we used to ask Your Prophet to supplicate on our behalf to You and You would bless us with rain, and now we ask the uncle of our Prophet [i.e. al-‘Abbaas ()] to supplicate to You on our behalf, so bless us with rain.” So al-‘Abbaas () stood up and supplicated to Allaah ( ). Had the matter of asking the deceased’s supplication to Allah been a permissible and correct way, then ‘Umar and those with him from the companions would have asked that from Allaah’s Messenger (). Since the response to his supplication is more likely to take place than that of ‘al-‘Abbaas ibn ‘Abdul-Muttalib ().

What is important, therefore, is that Tawassul to Allaah by means of asking supplication from the deceased is false and impermissible. And from the incorrect type of Tawassul is to seek nearness to Allaah by means of the status of the Prophet (), saying: “O Allaah, I ask you by the rank of Your Prophet [to grant me] such and such.” This is since the status of the Prophet () is not something of benefit to you. It is only beneficial to the Prophet (), but as regard to you then it is of  no benefit to you that you use as Tawassul to Allaah, The Most High. And as we have mentioned, Tawassul is seeking the correct means that is fruitful. So, what is of benefit to you in that the Prophet () has an honourable status with Allaah? And if you want to make correct Tawassul to Allaah, then say: “O Allaah, I ask You by my Eemaan in Your Prophet, or by my love of Your Prophet” or the like, then this is from the correct and beneficial means.