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Is it necessary that the characteristics in the four matters: ‘Aqeedah, worship, manners and transaction be totally or completely present without diminution? And in case anything of it is gets diminished, does this take the person out of the folds of the saved group or it doesn’t ?


 Diminution in these matters does not disqualify the person as being from the saved group unless he fails to fulfill the aspect of Tawheed or that of Bida’. The matter is just as Allaah, The Most High, Said:

And for all there will be degrees (or ranks) according to what they did. [Qur’aan, soorat al-An’aam (6): 132].

Failing to fulfill the part of Tawheed and that of Bida’, may take the person out of the saved sect. Similarly, with respect to Ikhlaas (pure intention). However, as far as the matters of manners and transactions, then failing to fulfill them does not take the person out of this saved sect, though he is sinful for this.