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The Ruling Regarding Those Who go to Diviners


What is astrology (At-Tanjeem) and it’s ruling?


At-Tanjeem (Astrology) is derived from an-Najm, and it means regarding celestial conditions as indications of earthly (terrestrial) events, meaning that the astrologer links whatever occurs or will occur on earth with the stars: their movements, rising, setting, conjunction and disjunction, and likewise.

And astrology is a kind of magic; it is forbidden since it is based upon delusions that have no truth to them. So, there is no connection between earthly events and what takes place in heavens. And for this reason when the people of the pre- Islamic era believed that the sun and the moon do not eclipse except for the death of someone great; then the sun eclipsed at the time of the Prophet (), on the day when his son Ibraaheem () died, and when the people said it eclipsed because of his death, the Prophet () addressed the people after he performed the eclipse prayer and said:

“The sun and the moon are two signs from amongst the Signs of Allaah; they do not eclipse because of the death or the life of anyone.” 62  So, the Prophet () annulled the linkage of earthly events with heavenly conditions, 63 and it is so.

Just as being a kind of magic, it is also a cause for delusions, and unreal and baseless psychological agitations, driving the person into endless imaginations, pessimism, and wonderment. There is another kind of Tanjeem whereby a person utilises the time of rising of the stars as indications of specified times for doing certain things, time duration, and seasons. Then there is no harm in this and no objection to it. Like if he says if such and such star begins to rise, then the time of the rain season has begun, or that the time of fruit ripening has commenced and so forth. There is no harm in this and no objection to it.

62 Reported by al-Bukhaaree, vol.2, no.154, and Muslim.
63 Movement and configurations of heavenly objects.